Miftahu’l Arabiyye Beginner (Reading and Writing)- A1 Level – 1 مفتاح العربية – الكتاب المبتدأ – القراءة والكتابة


Miftahu’l Arabiyye – Beginner (Reading and Writing)- A1 Level
مفتاح العربية – الكتاب المبتدئ – القراءة والكتابة 1
تعليم العربية للناطقين بغيرها

 Miftahu’l-Arabiyye book series is an Arabic language teaching set that published for over 16 year-olds and adults. The way of treating the subject is for both collage students and high schoolers.

This is an experimental language set. Before it was published as a book, its content was tested at Akdemİstanbul Education of Language’s classes, detected its pros and cons and redesigned with the help of teamwork. It is “the” language teaching set.

In this set, basic skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, of a language separated from each other clearly, for the development of each skills, lots of visual and auditory instruments are used. You can listen listening parts of the book by simply installing a QR code reader on your phone.

Every level of the set is prepared pursuant to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Each level has two books, one for speaking and listening; the other one is for reading and writing. Thanks to this, you have advantage to choose the book you need according to your language skills. After course books are finished, which are basis books, with the help of subsidiary books, exam papers and web site, the set will be even more effective. Set’s smart board is being prepared at the moment and is planned to present your use in a short time of period.


Publisher: Akdem Publications
Authors: Ahmad Al Ruhban, Rawiya Al Muhanni, Mutassem Hamad
ISBN: 9786052385180
Weight: 484.00g
Size: 21.00 x 29.00 cm
Cover: Softcover
Pages:  144 pages