The Illustrated Tajweed – English – التجويد المصور


Illustrated Tajweed – التجويد المصور

Arabic/English New Edition

The author has included in this exceptional work the most correct material and detailed definitions relating to the science of tajweed, utilizing vivid illustrative pictures of the organs of speech and what relates to them, and using colours to clarify some tajweed concepts and distinguish them from each other. He has also attached some QR codes to clarify some phonic facts.

To make the benefit more complete, he has attached two topics related to the Qu’ran: The first relates relates to the different stages of development of the script of the Qu’ran, and the second relates to the memorization of the Holy Qu’ran and some important matters.

Tajweed Rules of theQuran
The Illustrated Tajweed


Author: Dr. Ayman Sweid
subject: Tajweed
Cover Type: Cartonage
Page Count: 264
Publication Year: 2021
Publisher: Al-Ghuthani House for Quranic Studies
ISBN: 9786057484932
Weight: 930 Gm.
Dimensions: 28 x 20 cm

The Illustrated Tajweed